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Practicing maths can be like a bitter medicine, but add some sugar into it and the medicine goes down fast!! Likewise, practising Maths using games adds a layer of fun and involvement and revision is no longer boring!!
So now you can revise your maths and have fun, both at the same time. Don’t believe this? Check out these games – not only will you have loads of fun, you will also learn various aspects of maths at the same time!!
We have a range of games on a variety of topics like arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction multiplication division; different numbers like fractions, decimals, integers, rational numbers, games for ratio, proportions, percentages, games to revise geometry concepts like angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, 3D shapes and also mensuration – like Area, perimeter, volume.
These games that can be issued and taken home to play with. You can issue the game, just like a book (Currently – available only in Pune, INDIA) Some of these games can also be bought. For details, contact